Telephone Systems

Pivotal Audio Video is a Authorized Panasonic Unified Communications Dealer. We specialize in installing phone systems complete in Homes and Mid Size businesses.
The first step in building a reliable Phone system is to select the appropriate communication platform for the size and needs of your organization. While several factors may affect your selection, typically this decision is driven by the number of telephone endpoints and/or applications required. We offer several options to help you decide:

  • TA824PK This is an analog communication platform that uses analog endpoints and grows to a maximum of 8 lines and 24 extensions.
  • TDA50G Designed for small residential or small business installations.
  • TDE100/200/600 TDE is Panasonic’s most flexible platform and offers complete functionality for high-end residence, small- to medium-sized business (TDE100/200) and enterprise level business (TDE600).
  • NCP500/1000 NCP represents Panasonic’s Hybrid Communication platform. The NCP supports traditional digital trunks and endpoints as well as SIP Trunks and IP endpoints allowing you to customize the solution based on your customer’s needs.
  • NS1000 Panasonic’s new Pure IP Solution, the NS1000 is designed for small to midsized business as well as the Enterprise facility with up to 1,000 employees and 16 multiple sites.

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