Structured Wiring and Demarc Extensions

With the high speed internet available to virtually every home today, every year more and more electronics devices and appliances are utilizing that bandwidth. Typically these devices are connected via WI-FI to your network. While Wi-Fi is a viable option to utilize these new devices they tend to eat bandwidth of your homes Wi-Fi network which can degrade performance when and where you need it. Also, if you have a lot of neighbors close in proximity to you their Wi-Fi network is fighting for the same airspace as yours therefore diminishing network your reliability even more.

Given all of this new technology it is necessary to develop a plan to manage these network connections. This is where structured wiring comes into play. Structured wiring will help eliminate bandwidth issues on your homes network because it will physical connect each device to the network via a Ethernet cable which is capable of handling gigabits of throughput on each node. By eliminating devices from your Wi-Fi network you free up bandwidth for device such as Smart Phones, Tables and laptops that move around the house, therefore allowing them to make more efficient use of the Wi-Fi network.

Pivotal Audio can work with you to design a structured wiring plan that works for your needs. Whether you are building, remodeling or would just simply like to retrofit some structured cabling in your home we can help.

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