Home Theater

At Pivotal Audio Video, the process of installing your custom home theater system starts with a consultation between the customer and one of our design experts. Since each project has unique requirements dependent on the wants, needs, and lifestyle of the client and the environment where the system will be installed we will never offer a cookie cutter Home Theater Package. Our systems are custom tailored to meet your needs, so every system is unique. A thorough interview can answer many questions about the kind of components that will make up your home theater. A few of the questions we will cover are:

  • Is this new construction or will this be a retrofit installation?
  • Do you want to integrate any of your existing equipment?
  • What are your budget considerations?
  • Are you looking for home audio, home video, surround sound speakers or whole house media integration?
  • What type of speakers are you interested in (i.e. in room, on wall, in-wall, or in-ceiling)
  • Would you like AV components hidden from view or would they prefer the system to be attractively displayed in the room?
  • Do you want a control solution?
  • Are there architects, contractors or interior designers involved in the project?

Once wedetermine your needs we can begin engineering a system with the features that will satisfy your dreams of a home theater system. The typical home theater system can be installed in as little as one day.

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